Our belief is simple... no matter how GOOD life is, it can be BETTER!!!   The better we become, the better life becomes... the more successful we will be long-term. Not that perfection is possible..., but we will die reaching for it.  Therefore, we aim and endeavor to learn, refine, master, and perfect ourselves in EACH and EVERY area of life. The seven areas of life are: career, financial, relationships, social, spirituality, emotional/intellectual, and physical.  Each intertwines and affects the others.

HEMS Institute is an extension of Better Life Institute specifically devoted to help all men, especially minority men, in an encouraging and supportive environment. There, they can acquire, refine, master, and apply the skills for a better life with other men for a perspective that directly or indirectly mirrors their lives.

1. Life Coaching (Small Group)

Cohort format used.

Eight week cohorts at one hour per week.

Offered regularly thorughout the year.

2. Life coaching (Individual)

Requires Small Group Course Completion (first three)

Customized content for individual need

Offered on an individualized, case-by-case basis.



Better Life Institute Courses

Formerly produced live several times a year, BLI expanded to a telephonic coaching format, meeting once a week.  Several cohorts are offered per calendar quarter. Scheduled offerings are located on the "events" page. Current sessions include:

Holistic Happy Parts 
Refine your mastery of the SEVEN phases & areas of life, their parts, and their interconnectedness. Receive tips to make each part of life BETTER. 

Smarter Consumer Parts 1, 2, & 3

Refine your mastery of the financial area of life. Topics include credit improvement, budget development, spending plans, saving money, paying bills, building legacy through credit, and more. 

Next Level.... NOW!!!
Refine your mastery in achieving your goals.  Topics covered include the guaranteed success formula for your goals, the levels of learning, AND MORE! 

The Art of Business (Foundation, Operation, and Expansion)
Learn and refine your understanding of the fundamentals for business foundation, operation, expansion, and leverage. Key topics are the three business entities EVERY business owner must master, the need for a power team, business systems and philosophy, AND more. Also, network with other business owners and entrepreneurs for support, help, and potentially business.


 Future Seminars

ClassChangers!! (Coming Winter 2018)
Learn the benefits from EACH social class and how to switch between them as necessary!!!!

HEMS Institute  (Coming Summer 2018)

These male focused HEMS Institute seminars share content, but celebrates and focuses on the male experience and perseverance through unique obstacles, issues, and challenges. 

** Understanding Economics